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ADJob mats at
Tue Oct 4 06:42:30 UTC 2022


> I am also confused why we have two types of sql commands in Omnis:
> 1. Begin...End statement
> 2. Do iDataList.$select()... Do iDataList.$fetch()
> When is each one recommended for use?

Great post Das! 

But I will also add another point of view.
Omnis Developers is only a fraction of a fraction of all other SQL developers. And SQL is a complete other language than Omnis.

When using "Begin...End statement" you are talking the same standard language as millions of other developers.
Add an Omnis SQL table question on Stackoverflow close to none knows what you are talking about. 

I have asked a few standard SQL questions on Stackoverflow and got very good help..
Omnis support may answer some simple SQL questions, but I doubt they will or can answer some more advanced SQL-questions.

So I advocates for using Begin..End statement instead of Table classes for this reason.
Talk the same language as the rest of the world. Do not talk Omnis if you want SQL answers.

The price you have to pay with the magic within table classes is that nobody outside Omnis may know what you are talking about…
Another price you have to pay is that your library size will grow a lot with redundant extra table classes.

Disclaimer! Just my personal opinion.


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