SQL Workers

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 15:47:28 UTC 2022

Thanks Doug.

I switched back to Objects and Rob Mostyn figured out that the bind vars list actually has to be a row, you need one row for each query, not a list.. when I switched to bindvars row I immediately got success.. no crash, and I got back multiple results hits on $completed. 

It’s actually really simple to use this worker object if you get the little details just right.

The documentation is a bit off.. in a few little places.. enough to make you fail however.. like it says Bindvars List, but no, it has to be a row.

It says Object references.. but no,, it has to be objects. 

Or I read it wrong. 

Glad I got this working. 25 log ons and queries consecutively takes awhile, but stacked up on top of each other it is much quicker.

SQL Worker is a bliss thing.. really cool.. asynchronous power house when you need it

Das Goravani

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