An interesting example of performance using SQL workers and different tricks...

Sten-Erik Björling s-e.bjorling at
Mon Nov 28 15:39:43 UTC 2022

Hi all,

BTW - the search performed involved a seven table join...

Done some testing after some optimisation using the DVD Rental example database running on PostgreSQL 15 on a MacBook Pro Max with a 5-client web server….

Calls per second: 350
Processing load on one processor: 46%
The number of active connections to PostgreSQL: 5 (equal load distribution).

Of course, there will be latencies etc. involved in a real implementation but this performance is impressive. A 10-user license might achieve close to 650 calls per second with a full load on one processor core.

Good to know - especially since an optimal server structure for a small implementation is an Apple Studio Max - drawing around 30 Wats for all CPU cores. For one core maybe a total of 15 watts…

Take care, all the best…



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