Do Shell Script to unzip on M1 Mac with spaces in path name

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Mon Nov 28 13:43:37 UTC 2022

Hi Mike,

>I have tried escaping the spaces with %20, single \ and double \\, all to no joy.

Try this - enclose the path in single quotes using un-escaped spaces...

Begin text block
Text: {cd '/Users/mike/Library/Application Support/SQLWorks/SQLWorks v10221-31840 Dev/Lineal SQLWorks Startup/Lineal SQLWorks Folder'}
Text: {; unzip -o}
End text block
Get text block cmdLine

Begin text block
Text: {do shell script "[cmdLine]"}
End text block
Get text block script

Do $root.$runapplescript(script,result,error)
If error<>''
  # handle error...
End if


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