Strange jsontolistorrow behavior

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Nov 23 18:23:26 UTC 2022


What do I do?

I am doing this line of code:

Do OJSON.$jsontolistorrow(iDataIn) Returns iPrefsList

I put in a list using listorrowtojson opposite of above. I put in a list with 6 lines, two columns, but what I am getting out is a list with 6 columns, named _1, _2 etc., and in each column is the data for one of my rows.

It’s sideways. 

What do I do?

I can change the way I pack the JSON data if I knew another way.. maybe..

The JSON data looks like this right now:


I dont know if there is a function to turn a sideways list into a list again. 

Or if I can pack the data with a different version of converting lists to JSON…

Gosh I am not usually stuck on lists in Omnis but on this one I am. 

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