Integrating a documentation/help engine with Omnis desktop app

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Tue Nov 15 09:02:34 UTC 2022

Hi Mayada,

We’ve built our own documentation system because we needed to support 4 languages for each topic.

We started it in Omnis 7, first for labels then for help topics. 

But we still have enormous Word documents to move into the system or to rewrite from scratch with new version of the software.

It’s now a mixed solution: Omnis fat client for editing and ultra-thin html templates for searching/reading.

We don’t allow users to change content because they want to put too much attachments and that creates a small DMS of its own.

Best regards,

> On 11 Nov 2022, at 03:04, <malkishtini at> <malkishtini at> wrote:
> Hi $listers,
> We are looking for a reliable/easy to use/edit documentation engine to integrate with our Omnis desktop app in Studio 10.22.
> We are thinking to add a help support to each window in the system that users can easily access and edit.
> Any suggestions/thoughts about a tool or an engine (free or with a reasonable cost) that we can install on a centralized server on the cloud? 
> I appreciate all your ideas and feedbacks.
> Thank you,
> Mayada Al-Kishtini
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