$OS 10.22 - ExcelFormat.dll

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Sun Nov 13 22:25:24 UTC 2022

Thanks for explaining that Doug, I think we have done the initial licence and a few updates, as it works very well indeed.  It makes a proper Excel file, with plenty of formatting options, more than for our needs.

And the demo version works, so you can test before you buy the licence.


On 13 Nov 2022, at 20:13, Doug Easterbrook <doug at artsman.com<mailto:doug at artsman.com>> wrote:

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a little clarification on licencing.

there is NONE for excelformat  xcomp— thats free to the omnis community

you can run it in demo mode without buying anything.   The first line of the exported xls or xlsx file will say its a demo.    so you can try it before you buy it.

because the libxl guy was charging so little for the binary of the code, we thought it fair that eany omnis developer could buy one licence for the platorms they needed.

They are $199 for mac  & $199 USD for windows and last forever.     A licence will for for 1 year on any subsequent releases of the underlying libxl libraries.

if an update is needed to get to the next verison of libxl, then its $99 USD for an update.

in the number years that we’ve provided libxl, I’ve only paid the initial licence and for two updates.   reason being… its pretty stable.   Still, its good for the developer to get a small income steam.

finally,  the licence from libxl is for the developer — and unlimited distribution, so buy once, deliver to anybody.

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
mailto:doug at artsman.com
Phone (403) 650-1978

On Nov 13, 2022, at 9:36 AM, malkishtini at gmail.com<mailto:malkishtini at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Mike,
Thank you very much for the info.
Who is the author? How to contact him to get the license?  Or should I just email the support support at libxl.com<mailto:support at libxl.com>?

Best regards,

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Hello Mayada,

It does indeed just work.

Doug Easterbrook and Kelly maintain it, and we all use it.  You will need to get a licence code form the author, approx €107 from memory for the current version, but that might be an update cost.


Then when the version gets an update, you have to buy another code. You need two codes to work on OSX and Windows by the way.

Mike Matthews

Lineal Software Solutions
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As with so many of our best ‘add on’s this one starts with Doug Easterbrook, whose team have put out all the various releases of ExcelFormat along the way !

Attached is a link to what I believe the latest version…..which should give you a good start. I have been using it for quite a while and ‘it just works’ !!


If you need any further help I’d be happy to dive in

Andy Hilton
Totally Brilliant Software Inc
Phone (US) : (863) 409 4870
Phone (UK) : 0207 193 8582

On Nov 13, 2022, 9:53 AM -0500, malkishtini at gmail.com<mailto:malkishtini at gmail.com><mailto:malkishtini at gmail.com>, wrote:
Good day $all,

I'm looking for an external to help in exporting to excel from Omnis, so I searched the Omnis archive, and I found a refence to ExcelFormat.dll. Any idea from where I can download it and where to find its documentation?

Thank you,

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