Integrating a documentation/help engine with Omnis desktop app

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Hello Chris,

Interesting solution, thank you for sharing it.

Best regards,

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Hello Mayada, and others of course.

I years ago first implemented my Fast Track Estimating System and also wrote
a manual from scratch, very few users used it.
We then laid the manual out in screen orientated order this was to help, as
estimators a very impatient, the wanted a manual that showed the page
(picture) then decipher the information they wanted, and allow them to go
straight to the subject required.

Then I started adding windows onto the system. This might be interesting
part, I added for every object on the window a help comment within the
Library, this was for all push buttons, menus, list fields etc. 

To make it work we had a push button on the screen with a "?" mark, the user
simple turned on the help button,  this in lieu of help being constantly on,
and would eliminate the annoying flashing. 

The user simply run the mouse over the object and up comes the help text.

This was found to be successful instead the reading manuals.
However usurers at last resort will read a manuals.

The process for us to produce an manual was changed to when a window was
created, we go straight in after and we and add the tool tips. 

My then office assistants would go to the library file, open the window and
do right click on the help button, this would the capture the tool text tips
and place in the clipboard, this then of course was pasted into word
processing document for the manual to be expanded.

This process saved us a lot of time and also acted as quality control,
making sure every object was covered.
The only thing I could not figure out, was to capture the image of the
object this would save time stealing the graphics from screen prints.

We later published on the web the manuals in PDF form all though today they
look a little sad, however they server their purpose.

This is my simple solution, hope it may help someone.

Code for button.

On evClick
Switch $root.$prefs.$showwindowtips
Case kFalse
Calculate $root.$prefs.$showwindowtips as kTrue Calculate $cobj.$iconid as
1063 Case kTrue Calculate $root.$prefs.$showwindowtips as kFalse Calculate
$cobj.$iconid as 1528 End Switch ; ; On evRMouseDown Do
$cwind.$objs.$makelist(con($ref.$name,'  ',$ref.$text,'
',$ref.$tooltip)) Returns LvList
Do LvList.$redefine(LvCom)
Do LvList.$line.$assign(1)
Calculate LvText as con(LvText,chr(10),$root.LvList(1,LvList.$line))
Do LvList.$line.$assign(LvList.$line+1)
Until LvList.$line>LvList.$linecount
Copy to clipboard LvText

Chris Hughes

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Mobile No:- 0409 263 349
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Hi $listers,

We are looking for a reliable/easy to use/edit documentation engine to
integrate with our Omnis desktop app in Studio 10.22.
We are thinking to add a help support to each window in the system that
users can easily access and edit.

Any suggestions/thoughts about a tool or an engine (free or with a
reasonable cost) that we can install on a centralized server on the cloud? 
I appreciate all your ideas and feedbacks.

Thank you,
Mayada Al-Kishtini

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