Integrating a documentation/help engine with Omnis desktop app

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>From google:
Confluence has most of the standard formatting options you'd see in other document editors. The text you add to the page is formatted as normal text, but you can assign up to six levels of headings by changing the paragraph style.

It requires a license to access the docs, but my thought is that we host our own conference server, so I'll have to investigate internally and then decide from there.
But yes, it is very easy to integrate it with the app using oBrowser.

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What form do the Atlassian Confluence documents take? Do the documents created end up in a set of HTML files on the server that can be accessed by anyone that does not have Confluence? Or must you have a license for the end user before they can see it? If the answers areYes, you might be able to leverage your existing investment there.

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> Thank you, Doug, appreciate your valuable feedback.
> We use Atlassian Confluence for our internal documentations, and I was thinking of it as an option for storing the help docs, but no one in the list mentioned anything about it as an option, so probably it’s not a good option given its cost. 
> Hmm.I need to do further research.
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