Extracting binary response from HTTP call within Omnis

TBS andyh at totallybrilliant.com
Sun Nov 6 22:24:55 UTC 2022


Trying to extract a binary file from an HTTP response from an Omnis method HTTP call…..the call (when made in a browser) simply spits back an excel file, and that’s what I am trying to get back here !

I use :

HTTPGet (lvHost,lvURI) Returns SocketNum

To initiate the connection and get my socket, all good.

Then I have 2 calls going on (more just for testing here !) :

HTTPPage (URL) Returns PageContent
HTTPRead (SocketNum,lvBuffer) Returns lvByteCount

In the first line - that issues the call that I want to make to the server and I get a text based response in PageContent that starts with :

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2022 22:07:00 GMT
Server: WSGIServer/0.2 CPython/3.9.7
Content-Type: application/vnd.ms-excel
Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=DetailedWhereabouts_06-Nov-2022.xlsx
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
Referrer-Policy: same-origin
X-Frame-Options: DENY
Content-Length: 6445
Vary: Cookie

And then it appears to have the attachment - presumably as a binary  but of course in text its gobbledy gook - not sure if I can extract the binary from the text here ?

The second one (HTTPRead) returns a binary field (lvBuffer) that ‘looks’ like it may have the binary file I want plus a little bit more (I am suspecting it is actually the same as the HTTPPage response but as a binary field ??)

My guess is that the actual binary file that I am interested in follows a known binary string in the binary field returned (like maybe after headerEndString - chartoutf8(chr(13,10,13,10)) ) - but this is where my knowledge comes to an end ! Does anyone have knowledge of the make up of HTTPRead binary ?? i.e. if I can use something like :

If binsearch(headerEndString,lvBuffer)>0
Calculate lvBuffer as bytemid(lvBuffer,binsearch(headerEndString,lvBuffer)+4,binlength(lvBuffer))
End If

To get my actual binary file being returned…..

I’m good when I get it - just need to get it :)
Any and all help appreciated…..

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