What is wrong with OOP?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:59:18 UTC 2022

I am not schooled in OOP strictly speaking. But I have some idea what it is, at least from an Omnis perspective.

What I personally don’t like about Omnis-OOP is that the code that affects any given situation is spread out in various classes, especially in Table Classes and Objects. You have a button in a window, it has code, it does something, but instead of being able to read that in the windows method editor you have to take into account code that ran when the table classes instantiated, and when objects instantiated.. furthermore there are calls to these in the code. In investigating one piece of code you may have to go to five different classes, each with a method editor window open, hard to work with so many windows, chase so many chunks of code to find what you’re looking for. 

Otherwise it is slick. It is really systematic, more automated, and something you can definitely get used to. I am just not used to it fully yet. 

Add to that Asynchronous Programming required in Omnis often when using Worker Objects.. 

From what I’ve seen Omnis is relatively straightforward about these things. Other languages have the same conundrum. 

It is really nice when you get to re use a piece of code because you packaged it up nicely in an OO way. Reusable code is the bomb. 

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