What is wrong with OOP?

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 10:08:37 UTC 2022

Hi Friends,

Today, I woke up to a bad start.
In my Youtube linefeed, I found 2 fairlyold videos of why OOP is bad:
1.     Object-OrientedProgramming is Bad By Brial Will
2.     What’s wrong with OOP by Roberto Sasso
Being a curious cat, I watched them in full.
I know that this topic of, which is abetter programming paradigm, has been discussed over and over again.
But, could an old-timer, experienced in thefield, give me hope that Omnis still is a better OOP tool?
Of much interest to me is how OOP resolves “spaghetticode” that’s common in procedural code.
I am also still a curious "cat" to know if there is any incentive to move over to procedural.

Martin Obongita.

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