Studio v10.22 (31840)

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at
Tue Nov 1 22:18:42 UTC 2022

Doh!!  Right in front of me, what a twerp I be!

Not sure why you have to click to expand the download selection however.

Thanks for helping

Mike Matthews

Lineal Software Solutions

On 1 Nov 2022, at 20:09, Alex Clay <aclay at<mailto:aclay at>> wrote:

Hi Mike,

They are there, but slightly hidden. Go to<,1,Vkly0q4SZeCNAq3Yg4ujP0vXfRTViFqfSewXpLrlDDw66AP4jxM9Pkz4oZWeNGoEx0-ZoFIrZs3ZMkK94eVv1nweWj5p4iNpVBQnjrQTnvXSfFqjKkRf&typo=1>

Click the link for "Omnis Studio 10.22 Runtime & Server Editions" (might have to dismiss the cookie notice). The page will expand down and give you download links for runtimes.


On Nov 1, 2022, at 16:03, Mike Matthews - Omnis via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at<mailto:omnisdev-en at>> wrote:

Hello All,

I’m looking at the latest version of Studio (31840) for use with OSX Ventura.  I can download the Dev versions for OSX & Windows, but I can’t find the RT Client installers.  And I have tried so hard!  Really I have.

Has anyone else got the URL to the download page for Build 31840 RT Client installers please?


Mike Matthews

Lineal Software Solutions
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