Omnis Studio Windows IDE vs MacOS IDE

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Thats why we don’t like Windows :)

Unfortunately it is the way the windows apps work that they confine you to the application window not the monitor real estate…...

If you simply try to open the app window across multiple monitors it gets even uglier as it then shuts out everything else, its kinda just crappy, sorry - the good news is that really you only need a PC to test things on not to develop if you already have your development world on your Mac !!

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On Mar 22, 2022, 5:48 PM -0400, IT <it at>, wrote:
> Hi,
> After more than 30 years working with Omnis under macOS *only* I am going to develop a project that will be cross platform.
> For first time I installed OmnisStudio 10.2 under Windows 10 and I’m surprised that all happens within an Omnis window. You can’t drag your windows freely around the screen because all seems limited to an space. Sure that I’m missing something but I’m unable to find a confortable developing space under Windows.
> Any advice?
> regards
> xavier
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