ExcelFormat - Name of Worksheet

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Mon Mar 21 13:08:50 UTC 2022

Hi Mirko,

>I am trying to get the name of a worksheet using Excelformat.dll (xcomp).
>Does anyone have an Idea, how to find out the name of a worksheet of a given workbook? I do not want to change the name.

Per the ReadMe.txt file, some newer versions have additional features.  Have a look at workbook.$gettoc(path).

v3.8.8 has a new book.$gettoc(path) method that returns a list of worksheet names in a given Excel workbook.  There are new sheet.$rowPixHeight(row) and sheet.$colPixWidth(col) methods that return those dimensions in pixels for a given row or column.  And there is an optional sheetIndex parameter added to book.$populateWithList(), to allow inserting data into sheets other than the first one.

v3.9.4 has four new worksheet properties: $firstFilledRow, $lastFilledRow, $firstFilledCol and $lastFilledCol.  These return columns containing values, ignoring empty columns that only contain formulas.


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