ExcelFormat - Name of Worksheet

Mirko Pepa mirko.pepa at profile.ch
Mon Mar 21 11:00:27 UTC 2022

Hello $all, I hope You are all well.


I am trying to get the name of a worksheet using Excelformat.dll (xcomp).

I tried with no success:
Worksheets $name property gives always back the name of the Omnis-Object (also with ())
There is no $::name-property
I consulted the libXL-Documentation, there is a name-Property
In the Workbook-Object there is no method $getsheetname, as suggested in the book class of LibXL
I have to use the Excelformat.dll

Does anyone have an Idea, how to find out the name of a worksheet of a given workbook? I do not want to change the name.


Thanks for any ideas and have a nice day!




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