Problem with Installer being quarantined on MacOS

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Wed Mar 9 12:36:54 UTC 2022

Hi Phil,

Sorry, something I wasn’t very clear about, we also Notarize the resulting installer.  Here’s the text from the log of the process.  The Staple and Validate action (prior to line 4268) is for the application that we have created, it has worked, we then create the installer, it builds successfully using VMWare InstallBuilder v21.12.0, but then we have this error at line 4273 “Nesteds code is modified or invalid”.  (3 letter expletive acronym is uttered at this point…).
 The staple and validate action worked!
4268<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4268> Staple status: 0
4269<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4269> Create installer
4270<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4270>  Building JobBag osx
4271<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4271>  0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%
4272<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4272>  ########################################
4273<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4273> Error: Error signing /Build files/Temp/ae46bbbb/ Invalid signature: /Build files/Temp/ae46bbbb/ nested code is modified or invalid
4274<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4274> #
4275<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4275> Notarize
4276<http://gitlab.instinctdev.local/it/installers/-/jobs/4396#L4276> No errors uploading ''.

I can’t think of any nested code that has changed or is invalid, especially as the 10.1 and 10.2 (3r30204) RT have not changed..
Note: This error started with the previous version of VMWare InstallBuilder (20.12.0) so it’s not the mew version of VMWIB.  This happens with a 10.1 and 10.2 (r30204 and r31315) RT.  Just thought someone here may have come across this problem.


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Hi David,

Sounds like you have not certified your installer.

I use packages which does that step for me.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 09/03/2022 06:51, David Blaymires wrote:
> Hi,
> Late in 2021 two things occurred - Apple changed their requirements in the Apple Developer program (we had to accept new terms and conditions) and we had to create new developer certificates for the notarizing process.  We build our application integrating our xcomps into the bundle, customising the logo, name, building the contents of the First Run folder etc and build a ZIP file that is then uploaded to Apple for notarizing.
> Once we receive the successful notarizing notification back, we then use Install Builder to build our application installer which is downloaded automatically by existing copies of JobBag and run without any problem.  However when the resulting installer is downloaded from a website, the checks that Apple is doing as part of the download process is resulting in the installer being quarantined, and the only way to release it is to run the terminal command.  Frustrating.
> Has anyone else come across this problem and been able to solve it?  I’m sure we are missing something very simple but it is so blindingly obvious we can’t see it.
> Regards,
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