Omnis Studio now exists on StackOverflow?

ADJob mats at
Wed Mar 9 06:35:36 UTC 2022


> I don't understand the dynamic of how non-Omnis-using Stack Overflow visitors will discover that Omnis is being talked about there.  
> Are there any particular ways to use it that will help or hinder that goal?

> I’m sitting on the outside of this not having become a member of SOverflow. 
> So I don’t know what I’m talking about exactly.
> But it seems to me there won’t be people looking there for new questions.
> Unless we move the list there it won’t get any attention from us.

When consider to buy or use a new tool, I look for size of the community. 
How I can get help and how likely it is that the tool will be around for a while.
Choosing between ”never heard of” and ”millions of users and active”, the choice is easier to make.

I am a forum guy and I am using several forum daily. 
There are forums like Omnis Forum that have practically no activity. Painfully slow and useless. 
More or less a joke. I cannot even reach it today. Is it down?
And there is SO. Not the friendliest forum, but the gets the highest quality answers. Especially vanilla SQL questions.

By using SO for clear tech questions there is a chance to increase the visibility of Omnis.
I hope that this list will never be replaced, because it is more of a discussion forum.
Discuss or ask for an opinion on SO, you will be banned in seconds.

> How do users who have questions in omnis 7, or Studio 4, JS client etc etc
> tag anything? (most of us don't have any ability to create tags)

If there will be some Omnis activity on SO, I can try to add more tags in the future.
My intention was only to add these tags. FWIW.


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