Omnis REST to return an Array of Objects

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Wed Mar 9 06:29:10 UTC 2022

Hi Dean,

> expects
>|{ "Data_List": [ { "phone_id": "string", "phone_name": "string", "phone_dept": "string", "phone_ext": "string"} ] }|

Try this...

Do myRow.$define(phone_id,phone_name, phone_dept, phone_ext)
Calculate myRow.phone_id as phoneID
Calculate myRow.phone_name as phoneName
Calculate myRow.phone_dept as phoneDept
Calculate myRow.phone_ext as phoneExt
Do myList.$define(myRow)
Do myList.$add(myRow)
Do jsonRow.$define(dataList)
Calculate jsonRow.dataList as myList
Calculate binval as OJSON.$listorrowtojson(jsonRow)
Calculate result as utf8tochar(binval)


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