Omnis REST to return an Array of Objects

Dean Leggo dleggo at
Wed Mar 9 05:47:39 UTC 2022

Hi everyone

I am using Omnis as a RESTful server and I am trying to return an Array 
of Objects from Omnis, but it only returns an Array of Arrays. Is this 

Using the SwaggerDemo library 
( and 
the Swagger web app, it says it expects

|{ "Data_List": [ { "phone_id": "string", "phone_name": "string", 
"phone_dept": "string", "phone_ext": "string"} ] }|

But the data returned is

|{ "Data_List": [ [ "1", "Jim Douglas", "Engineering", "221"], [ "2", 
"Alfie Brown", "QA", "222"], [ "3", "Carol Smith", "QA", "223"] ] }|

How can I tell Omnis to make each item in the array an object and not 
another array?

Dean Leggo


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