$500 to anyone who...

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 17:46:25 UTC 2022

$500 to anyone who can solve my hosting issues.

I have exhausted my own abilities to fix my issues. 

Today I have received an email from Google stating that my main site, Goravani.com, will not be indexed because of server issues.

That is VERY bad. I can’t have that lingering. I MUST solve these issues. 

Try https://www.goravani.com <https://www.goravani.com/> 

You will most likely get a block, a warning, saying that the connection is not private, not secure. 

That is causing my issue with Google. That hang up. 

My site works fine with https and no WWW.. but with WWW it messes up.

That is the major issue. 

Once we solve that we can move on to copy settings we come up with to my other few sites that are setup the same way.

Then there’s an issue with one site whereby I cannot get a certificate for it. Certbot says that the site is not a listening virtual host on port 80. This is most odd because the site works. And it is setup identically to my other sites which DO get certificates just fine. When I try to get a cert for this one site the normal way it says it’s not listening on port 80. When I try to get a cert another way, using the keyword "certainly" then it says the document root folder is not a directory. But the site is working, including it’s document root directory. So that is most odd. 

So if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, do a video screen session with TeamViewer or some viewer, into my server, and go over my accounts with NO-IP and on my server, get into the certificates and figure out these problems, then $500 is yours if we can at least "Validate Fix" with Google, on the first problem. When I am done fixing then I click the Validate Fix button on Google’s site to see if they agree the problem is fixed. If it’s fixed then my site will index. That’s the goal. 

You can start by clicking these links to see if you get any warnings or super slow behavior on any of them:

https://jyotishstudio.com <https://jyotishstudio.com/>
https://readmyastrology.com <https://readmyastrology.com/>
https://goravanijyotish.com <https://goravanijyotish.com/> 

https://www.jyotishstudio.com <https://www.jyotishstudio.com/>
https://www.readmyastrology.com <https://www.readmyastrology.com/>
https://www.goravanijyotish.com <https://www.goravanijyotish.com/> 

http://www.jyotishstudio.com <http://www.jyotishstudio.com/>
http://www.readmyastrology.com <http://www.readmyastrology.com/>
http://www.goravanijyotish.com <http://www.goravanijyotish.com/> 

Problems on any of these links is not acceptable. Finishing the $500 requirement is to have all these links working swiftly or correctly and my certificate issues resolved. 

Personally I think I have everything setup correctly already. It is I think something beneath the level of what is typed into my various accounts on various setup windows. It’s deeper than that. 

It is odd because my sites are setup identically. But they are behaving differently. 

Please consider helping me if you are familiar with this area of endeavor. 

Thank you,

Das Goravani

Ps: I’m in Florida, so it’s the Eastern US Time Zone of -5. I am using a Mac Server on Catalina. Apache. NO-IP for DNS, MAMP for managing Apache. 

All my problems started when I tried to get a new certificate recently. Up til then everything worked, including Google indexing. You could type http or https and you could type WWW or no .. all variations worked, and Google worked. So it is possible to get this working. I have changed nothing, just something got broke when I tried to get a new cert recently. For what that is worth… 

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