Weird result switching to Cloudflare

IT it at
Thu Mar 3 07:14:19 UTC 2022


Which macOS version are you running?



> El 3 mar 2022, a las 2:13, Das Goravani <goravanis at> escribió:
> I got my sites to work again.
> I solved my Certificate issue.
> Now the only problem is that my MailServe application is not in Secure mode, and thus my Mail accounts are offline, which is bad. I use them in many accounts I have online and they need to be up thus. 
> And one of my sites is showing the apache welcome page “It Works!”
> Which is really weird because my 3 sites are setup identically.. they should all go to their respective home pages when their URL is hit.
> But this one goes to I guess the default apache installations welcome page. Thats the only place I can think of that it is hitting. 
> I have no idea how to solve that problem. Everything is set right for the site. 
> It’s as if in the Virtual Hosts file that the document root of that website is set to that default location.
> How to edit that VHOSTS file, the one that comes with the Mac for Apache. 
> I think MAMP uses the default VHOSTS config file. I’m not sure, but that’s my guess at this point from all I have observed. 
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