Weird result switching to Cloudflare

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Mar 3 01:13:02 UTC 2022

I got my sites to work again.
I solved my Certificate issue.
Now the only problem is that my MailServe application is not in Secure mode, and thus my Mail accounts are offline, which is bad. I use them in many accounts I have online and they need to be up thus. 

And one of my sites is showing the apache welcome page “It Works!”

Which is really weird because my 3 sites are setup identically.. they should all go to their respective home pages when their URL is hit.

But this one goes to I guess the default apache installations welcome page. Thats the only place I can think of that it is hitting. 

I have no idea how to solve that problem. Everything is set right for the site. 

It’s as if in the Virtual Hosts file that the document root of that website is set to that default location.

How to edit that VHOSTS file, the one that comes with the Mac for Apache. 

I think MAMP uses the default VHOSTS config file. I’m not sure, but that’s my guess at this point from all I have observed. 

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