Apache caught SIGTERM?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 20:26:57 UTC 2022


Thanks for that input. I disabled my "other" apache your way. I hope it is working. There is suspicious things going on with my sites that says the other apache is still running, but I’m just not sure.

Two of my today 3 switched sites are coming up with "It Works!" Still… which leads me to believe the other apache is still running.

But the fact that my MAMP comes up with Apache ON says that the other apache is now disabled.

One of my sites comes up "Can’t connect…" and the other two come up with "It works" which is an apache default welcome page. 

My MAMP apache is setup with the correct virtual hosts. 

Traffic should be going to my pages now, but it’s not, getting the above. 

Don’t know what to do. Appreciate ANY help from anyone. 

Thanks Graham for what you told me. I am GLAD to know it. 

Thanks everyone,

Das Goravani

Ps: Still need to know too what goes into an MX record when it asks for host that is serving the mail.  I put in Goravani.com for my main site.. and it doesn’t seem to like that answer.. says that it will reveal the IP behind my site. Thought that is available to anyone anyway so don’t know why that would matter. 

My mail server’s "active" lights are not ON as they should be.. only SMTP has a green light.. the 4 others or so are OFF.. these include IMAP for example. Something is not right with my mail settings. I think this is an MX records issue. Need to know what to put into the MX records two fields that they ask of me.. 

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