Weird result switching to Cloudflare

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Mar 1 18:14:59 UTC 2022

Hello $all,

Today I have switched my websites to Cloudflare. It goes in-between your site and the user to provide SSL and other securities and enhanced performance. It’s free. Or it has a free plan which is sufficient. 

But things are not working out. It worked out for a site of mine that I have on a Debian server, but not the 4 sites that I host myself on a Mac Server with Apache. 

What I am getting when I go to the websites is "It works", which is apache’s welcome page. I am connecting to an apache, but not the right one.

My Mac server is having a problem. It has two apache’s on it.. the one they ship with the Mac and one that came with my MAMP PRO subscription. Mamp Pro manages your apache for you on the Mac. 

I quit MAMP, and did "sudo apachectl stop" and it seemed to be stopping that other apache on my Mac. Then I relaunched MAMP and it is serving apache now.. traffic should go to it, but it’s not.

Traffic is going to the OTHER apache, which has still it’s welcome page set to the "IT WORKS" welcome page. 

How do I permanently stop the apache that came with the Mac from running?

Is this correct also: In cloudflare, you give it the IP address to send traffic to.. to connect to your website.. so I gave it the IP address that NO-IP gave me for all my 4 sites.. I use NO-IP because it’s cheaper than renting your own fixed IP through an ISP. So I am sending DNS from GoDaddy (the registrar for the sites) to Cloudflare, which you have to do to make it work, and then I am sending it on to the IP address NO-IP assigned to my 4 sites. Is that correct?  Or should I be sending traffic to NO-IP’s public Name Server address?  Perhaps you can only put in an IP address, not a name, on cloudflare, I do not know. 

What I am getting is IT WORKS and that is wrong. Can you help me get my websites instead of IT WORKS.. as a page. 

The four websites are

And that’s enough. 

The IP that NO-IP gave me for my sites is

That address is supposed to point to my dynamic IP address which my ISP assigns to my home. I am on a home router. Things were good before I got a new certificate. Things were working fine. I got a new cert from cert bot and that messed me up. I went through a lot of trouble but finally got MAMP back up and working. Then it was serving my sites in an insecure way. But it was working. Now I have added cloudflare to get their free SSL which is really easy to get working, normally, and since doing that I am only getting the "IT WORKS" message, which I think is my OTHER apache running.. but I’m not sure. 

Any help appreciated. 


Das Goravani

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