Access to Omnis?

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Hi Paul
I did this about 12 years ago.   The product had not bee supported for years
and was having problems.  No one knew who had access to the program and
hence all the data was locked inside.
I opened the Access data with OBDC in the SQL browser.  I needed the
password for it to open which was supplied.

Then was able to look at the data.

I think I then dragged files across into a postgres data base.  
I then created table class in postgres and inserted the access data.
I then created a program that was better than the original to use all the


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Hi Everyone,

I asked this question about a year ago, and didn't really get a response.
The project has popped up again, so I thought I'd ask again. Is there a tool
to convert Access databases to Omnis?  The access database in question has a
fairly large number of forms and embedded business rules.  Rather than
reinvent the wheel, is there a way we could re-create or map the
forms/functions into Omnis instead?

Asking for a friend ...


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