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Hi Das,
I have customer statements in pdf format saved in windows file system that I need to attach to emails programmatically (the user does not manually select the files and attach).
A single button click should send all the statements to the different customer email addresses. The challenge here is how to map/assign the customer ID to a statement file so that a statement is attached to the right email address.
A sample library will be very helpful. 
Regards,Martin O.

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  On Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 20:56, Das Goravani<goravanis at> wrote:   

Let us know, or me know, if you need help with code for building a MIME LIST. It’s not hard at all.. it’s just a list of the parts of your email.

Like one line describes your text, one describes your HTML if you have that, and other lines describe your attachments. You can have HTML, Text and Attachments all in one email.

You send with the SMTPSend command, or with the SMTPWORKER. Both work.

The SMTP Worker has the "mail shot" capability that does bulk email. All letters identical.

If you are sending personalized emails, like INVOICES OR STATEMENTS then you can use SMTPSend to send one at a time, or the worker object.  I use SMTP Send to send personalized emails. I just do it in a loop.  I make it wait 15 seconds in-between to hopefully cut down on the letters being marked as SPAM which is always a problem when you send mail yourself. 

Let me know if you need code samples. Willing to provide. 

Das Goravani
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