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Fri Jun 17 19:45:34 UTC 2022

Hi Das,

I'm assuming what they mean by that is doing joins like this

select * from table_a a, table_b b, table_c c
where a.column_a='x'
and a.column_b=b.column_a
and b.column_b=c.column_a

It's an odd / older style of doing joins that I never use but I've seen it in some older code in the postgres apps i've worked on.
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Subject: WHERE clause JOINS?

In the Omnis Docs, in section covering the Query Builder, a sub section exists that describes how to create a Query Class from your Query Builder Query.

It says this sentence last:

Note that this feature is restricted by the same limitations as a query class and therefore only supports ‘Where Clause’ joins.

I don’t understand this sentence.

First of all what is a WHERE CLAUSE JOIN?  I am familiar only with joins being in the FROM clause part of the SELECT statement.

And how are Query Classes limited to the WHERE clause?

I thought that a query class was a FROM JOIN potentially or "by default".
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