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Mon Jun 13 08:20:48 UTC 2022

Omnis Support came with a solution.
Apparently, Window classes have an $inheritedorder property. By setting this in the child Window to a number higher than the $order of the Headed List object, the objects of the super Window are displayed above it.

Nick Renders

On 8 Jun 2022, at 9:27, Nick Renders wrote:

> Hello fellow developers,
> We are in the midst of converting our Studio 5 library to Studio 10.2 and I hit a little snag.
> The library is your standard Omnis OO setup: 1 supper class Window with public methods like $insert, $edit, $whathaveyou, ...
> This super Window also has one GUI object: a Subwindow object to simulate the filter option of Excel.
> The Subwindow is basically just a Check Box List and two Push Buttons. So, when you click the header in a Headed List object on a child Window, the Check Box List is populated and displayed on top.
> In Studio 5, this works perfectly. After positioning the Subwindow object and making it visible, I queue a click to it and it pops up in front of the Headed List.
> In Studio 10 however, the Subwindow is stuck behind the Headed List. I can see the focus change, so the queue click still works. But the object remains in the background.
> I suspect this has to do with the fact that the object is in the super Window, and not the child Window like the Headed List.
> Any idea how to solve this?
> Thanks,
> Nick Renders
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