SVG Themer crashes and other SVG issues

Mischa mischa at
Sun Jun 12 22:36:17 UTC 2022

 Dear all,

I started to explore the SVG icons, and till now I'm a bit disappointed. While they are able to scale to any size, Omnis restricts them to the outdated 16-32-48 scale. Also, the ratio of the icon is not kept; when it is not squared, it is distorted. I added a transparent square canvas, but within the icon set the icon comes up as black square making it unable to identify; it however shows up correct in the JS component.

I wanted to go for themed icons, however the SVG themer just crashes.

Anyone who was able to bring it to work? What graphics program are you using to design SVG icons? (I'm using CorelDraw 2019). What export parameters are you using?


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