Super Window GUI objects

Nick Renders omnis1 at
Wed Jun 8 07:27:08 UTC 2022

Hello fellow developers,

We are in the midst of converting our Studio 5 library to Studio 10.2 and I hit a little snag.

The library is your standard Omnis OO setup: 1 supper class Window with public methods like $insert, $edit, $whathaveyou, ...
This super Window also has one GUI object: a Subwindow object to simulate the filter option of Excel.
The Subwindow is basically just a Check Box List and two Push Buttons. So, when you click the header in a Headed List object on a child Window, the Check Box List is populated and displayed on top.

In Studio 5, this works perfectly. After positioning the Subwindow object and making it visible, I queue a click to it and it pops up in front of the Headed List.
In Studio 10 however, the Subwindow is stuck behind the Headed List. I can see the focus change, so the queue click still works. But the object remains in the background.

I suspect this has to do with the fact that the object is in the super Window, and not the child Window like the Headed List.
Any idea how to solve this?


Nick Renders

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