Simple JSON Question

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sun Jul 31 19:41:10 UTC 2022

I have a source for some JSON text, it begins as follows:

  "version": "4.3",
  "transType": "AC",
  "merchant": {
    "bin": "000001",
    "terminalID": "001"
  "order": {
    "orderID": "123456",
    "comments": "Comments",
    "industryType": "EC",
    "amount": "1000"
Hopefully that text comes through, it’s not pasting correctly in my email client.

If I put that in #S1 and then do

Do OJSON.$jsontolistorrow(#S1) Returns llist

That puts the text into the list in a logical way. 

If I do the reverse ie

Do OJSON.$listorrowtojson(llist) Returns #S2

I get an error, that I’m trying to assign Binary to Character.

So $listorrowtojson returns a binary field.

I’m working on credit card processing. The bank requires JSON and the examples they give are like what I pasted above, that is from the Bank’s example input.

SO I think they want me to input textual JSON

How do you turn that binary into Text?

Thank you,

Das Goravani

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