O7: Looking for an Omnis Classic (7381) External to send emails via SMTP & Office 365

Vik Shah OmnisList at Keys2Solutions.com.au
Sat Jul 30 10:03:59 UTC 2022

Hi fellow $listers,

I am searching for a definitive guide to make an Omnis7v381 app send emails through/using Office 365. 

Since I haven’t used Office 365 to send emails before I felt its best to ask all the learned folks here before I dive into this googling and fumbling around.

If someone has a solution and would love to share your code, this would be extremely helpful too.

Thanks in advance for any help. =) 

PS: Is there an external that’d do this for Omnis7v381?

PPS: any before anyone comments, its an old technology, yes! I hear you, and I’ve already conveyed this to the user. This is a legacy product and I already got the spiel, it’ll be replaced soon!!! 😅

Kind regards,

Vik Shah
AU: +61 411 493 495

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