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I use the Windows tool supplied by Omnis.  It works well, we add xComps, icons, folder paths, etc.  The one thing it doesn’t do, is to make it an installer, where you can install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables, etc. Add things like a desktop shortcut, task bar icon, we use something else to do that.  Can’t remember the name of it though, Reuben does that part.

I still use Terminal to customise and notarise on OSX, as it all works.

But to add silent PG install, well if it can be done silently, then I’ll like to know more about how to that, Mac & Windows.

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I’m experimenting with the Deployment Tool for Windows in Omnis 10.2 31315.  The docs are pretty thin, but I think I have it working.  It seems pretty simple.  I’m pretty much just adding a library to the startup folder and changing the application name.  I point it to an output folder which creates a folder with all the runtime components including a firstruninstall folder.  The tree looks correct, but I thought I was going to get something I can send to a client to install on their computer.

Like, shouldn’t I be able to generate either an .exe or a .msi?  How do you use the result of the deployment tool to actually deploy your application?

Michael Houlberg
Houlberg Development, LLC
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