How to use the Windows Deployment Tool

Phil (OmnisList) phil at
Thu Jul 28 17:06:25 UTC 2022

Hi Michael,

Quick answer is no.

I already did what this tool does, as in change the strings etc. to 
change the name internally, and the icons within a contents of what you 
would see as an application...

However, I know someone who tried it on a mac, with relatively good 
success, as in that it changed a runtime Omnis application, on a mac, to 
a renamed and re-icon'd application, and I believe it also has the 
ability to codesign it for you, assuming you have an apple developer 

So, I think it does work, in creating a renamed application, along with 
any extras you may add in, ie library, xcomps etc. but it does not 
create an installer.

I already did it the hard way, using Kelly's reference document, of some 
years ago...
So for most, this is probably the easy way to do it.

On a mac, the 'application' is actually a special folder, of which you 
can see the contents, if you right click on it...
Adding an 'exe' does not do it for you I'm afraid.
The result from the tool, should be visible as an application though, 
not a folder...

Might just need to close the finder window, and go back to the folder, 
as in it might just be a refresh required.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 28/07/2022 17:44, Michael Houlberg wrote:
> Phil,
> Do you actually use this tool?  I know in the past I’ve read some say they use it successfully, but I don’t know how they do it.
> If I could get an executable, I’d be happy with that, but the tool’s output is just a folder.  I’m mostly a Mac guy so I’m a little stupid about this stuff, but can I just stick an .exe extension on the folder to get my executable?
> Michael Houlberg
> Houlberg Development, LLC
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>> On Jul 28, 2022, at 9:21 AM, Phil (OmnisList)<phil at>  wrote:
>> Michael,
>> I believe that refers to only changing the omnis executable to look like it is named something entirely different... with different icons etc.
>> Nothing to do with creating an installer for the resultant application.
>> regards
>> Phil Potter
>> Based in Chester in the UK.
>>> On 28/07/2022 15:58, Michael Houlberg wrote:
>>> $Listers:
>>> I’m experimenting with the Deployment Tool for Windows in Omnis 10.2 31315.  The docs are pretty thin, but I think I have it working.  It seems pretty simple.  I’m pretty much just adding a library to the startup folder and changing the application name.  I point it to an output folder which creates a folder with all the runtime components including a firstruninstall folder.  The tree looks correct, but I thought I was going to get something I can send to a client to install on their computer.
>>> Like, shouldn’t I be able to generate either an .exe or a .msi?  How do you use the result of the deployment tool to actually deploy your application?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Michael Houlberg
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