How to use the Windows Deployment Tool

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Hi Michael,

Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question; but since we are looking for a similar tool, I would request if you could please share the link to the documentation of the deployment tool you are using?
I wonder if it something that is shipped with Studio or a third-party tool!

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I’m experimenting with the Deployment Tool for Windows in Omnis 10.2 31315.  The docs are pretty thin, but I think I have it working.  It seems pretty simple.  I’m pretty much just adding a library to the startup folder and changing the application name.  I point it to an output folder which creates a folder with all the runtime components including a firstruninstall folder.  The tree looks correct, but I thought I was going to get something I can send to a client to install on their computer.

Like, shouldn’t I be able to generate either an .exe or a .msi?  How do you use the result of the deployment tool to actually deploy your application?

Michael Houlberg
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