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Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Wed Jul 27 10:18:20 UTC 2022

Hi all,
I have the below SQL statement that fetched data in Postgresql.This loads data with no problems.But the same method will not fetch data from an SQLite database.

Begin statement

Sta:Select *

Sta:From [pTableClassPrefix]emailpref_detail

If pClassPrefName<>'AllTableClassPref'

Sta:Where [pTableClassPrefix]class= @[pClassPrefName]

End If

Sta:Order By [pTableClassPrefix]order_linenum

End statement

Get statement iSqlStmt

If iStatementRef.$prepare()

Do iStatementRef().$execute()

Do iStatementRef.$fetch($cinst,kFetchAll)


Do $cinst.$sqlerror()

End If

Could someone spot why this code does not work with SQLite/

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