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Tue Jul 26 21:31:44 UTC 2022

Hi Andy,
I didn't mean to run Studio in Classic.I meant opening .lbs file frok inside .lbr.I am able to open .exe files from inside Classic.I only need to fire up SMTP OW from Omnis 7.So O7 would close and O10.2 opens.

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Some mixing of metaphors there !!!

Omnis 7 itself cannot run an Omnis 10 library - period. Doesn’t matter how you change its extension.

The best you could hope for would be to fire up Omnis 10 and add your omnis 10 library as a startup library

Not sure what you mean by using ‘DoesFileExist’ as a reference to running a library ?? DoesFileExist is simply a yes or no return as to whether that file actually does exist - to run it is a different command :)

Sorry - confused of Florida here !
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Hi ALL, How do I convert an OS10.2 library to an Executable file that can run from Omnis 7 library with the command "DoesFileExist(lPath) with return value lFlag"? Or can the library run as a .lbr file in Omnis 7?

Rgds, Martin.
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