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Hi Ben,

Sorry I can't comment on Studio 8.x or Data Bridge, but I have a number of Omnis Web Instances and Runtime Instances (acting as queued report generators) running on Windows 2022 without issue.

Kind regards
Philip Tulett

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We’re replacing an ailing Windows 2012 server with a 2022 version.  I develop on Mac but our servers are Windows.  I have an IT tech who handles the Windows side of things and  he has asked me this question:

We are currently running Omnis Studio Version on a Windows 2012R2 Server on a VM drive. We are also using Omnis Data Bridge 1.67 and it is working fine.
We are upgrading to a new Windows 2022 Server and want to know if the following will work on our new server version:
Omnis Studio
Omnis Date Bridge 1.78
If the above does not work in Windows 2022 Server, we do have downgrade rights to Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016. Will it work on either of those 2?

Ben Weinberg
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