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Ji Das,


The kTrue will only take into account the selected lines.

Use this as a calculation in a normal entry field ($enabled = kFalse). Background objects are generally not redrawn in Omnis Studio to prevent a performance hit (there are workarounds of course). When you issue a redraw on the entry field or the window the value will be redrawn.



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I am using remote forms

How do you display a total for a column from a list where you only want to total the selected lines?

The situation is I have a list of potential checks to print, I allow them to select lines in this list, I want to display underneath the list the total for the lines they have selected for one particular column, the amount column

Furthermore you can't have calculated display fields on remote forms as far as I know.. though I have tried putting square bracket notation into label fields

So am I forced to have a button which says "Calc. Totals" and then it gets updated

What is the notation for totaling one column only for selected lines?

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