$selected only total a field

Rocco [KUNVI] r.ventura at kunvi.it
Sat Jul 23 17:48:15 UTC 2022

There is a parameter of $total() to set to kTrue



Il giorno sab 23 lug 2022 alle 19:05 Das Goravani <goravanis at gmail.com> ha

> Hello,
> I am using remote forms
> How do you display a total for a column from a list where you only want to
> total the selected lines?
> The situation is I have a list of potential checks to print, I allow them
> to select lines in this list, I want to display underneath the list the
> total for the lines they have selected for one particular column, the
> amount column
> Furthermore you can't have calculated display fields on remote forms as
> far as I know.. though I have tried putting square bracket notation into
> label fields
> So am I forced to have a button which says "Calc. Totals" and then it gets
> updated
> What is the notation for totaling one column only for selected lines?
> Das
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