Import from file on forms

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Jul 23 17:40:55 UTC 2022

I want to present to my users on forms, the ability to import a list of records.

The problem area for me is how to present the importation of the CSV or spreadsheet.

I know I can use the "File" component to upload to a binary field.  I would prefer this as it can be done on the client machine.

The problem is that File puts the file into a binary field. I need it in a list for importing. 

If you have a CSV or text spreadsheet in a binary field, can you move it to a list variable? With Calculate as… or something?

Or a more complex scenario whereby you convert it in a few steps?

Other than the "File" component approach, I could always have them put the CSV on the server and fetch it from there with regular import commands. 

I’m going to proceed to do it the server placed way.

If you have any input feel free to comment. 

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