Number to Text Routine?

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Put this code inside the field you type the dollar amount in numbers.

On evAfter     ;; Event Parameters - pClickedField, pClickedWindow, pMenuLine, pCommandNumber, pRow
Do Money.$ConvertMoney(F_CHECKS.F_CHK_AMOUNT) Returns %%MoneyString 
Calculate F_CHECKS.F_CHK_AMT_TEXT as %%MoneyString 
Do $cwind.$redraw()

I created an object with the "Money.$ConvertMoney" procedure.  Here is the procedure:

;  convert two decimal number to string for check writing Calculate moneyString as ''
Calculate thousands as int(moneyAmount/1000) 
Calculate hundreds as int(mod(moneyAmount,1000)/100) 
Calculate units as mod(int(moneyAmount),100) 
Calculate pennies as mod(moneyAmount*100,100) 
If thousands>19 Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(int(thousands/10),'','','Twenty','Thirty','Forty','Fifty','Sixty','Seventy','Eighty','Ninety'),' ') 
Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(mod(thousands,10),'','One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six','Seven','Eight','Nine'),' ') Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,'Thousand ') 
Else If thousands>9 Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(thousands-10,'Ten','Eleven','Twelve','Thirteen','Fourteen','Fifteen','Sixteen','Seventeen','Eighteen','Nineteen'),' Thousand ') 
Else If thousands Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(thousands,'','One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six','Seven','Eight','Nine'),' Thousand ') 
End If 
If hundreds Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(hundreds,'','One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six','Seven','Eight','Nine'),' Hundred ') 
End If 
If units>19 Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(int(units/10),'','','Twenty','Thirty','Forty','Fifty','Sixty','Seventy','Eighty','Ninety'),' ') 
Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(mod(units,10),'','One ','Two ','Three ','Four ','Five ','Six ','Seven ','Eight ','Nine ')) 
Else If units>9 Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(units-10,'Ten','Eleven','Twelve','Thirteen','Fourteen','Fifteen','Sixteen','Seventeen','Eighteen','Nineteen'),' ') Else Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,pick(units,'','One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six','Seven','Eight','Nine'),' ') 
End If If moneyAmount<1 Calculate moneyString as 'Zero '
End If
If not(pennies)
Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,'and no/100') 
Else Calculate moneyString as con(moneyString,'and ',pennies,'/100') 
End If Quit method moneyString

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Subject: Number to Text Routine?

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Hello All,

One thing I’m working on is the printing of checks.

It’s one thing to have the amount as a number, that’s normal, but to print the check I need the amount in text like:

One Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Four and 68 cents

Does anyone have a routine that does this conversion ?

I think I could write one, but it would be a bit long, someone might do it smarter than I could do it.


Das Goravani
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