Bar Code Reader Recommendations?

Marc De Roover omnis1 at
Fri Jul 22 19:17:55 UTC 2022


Only for O$ Mac & fat client users:

Kelly has a GREAT external HIDTalk which supports barcode readers, which 
are HID aware (ex: Honeywell).
So the keyboard doesn’t interfere with the barcode reader and imho the 
biggest advantage is that it allows Omnis to grab the barcode data even 
when Omnis isn’t the active/front app ( could even be a window less 
Omnis application )



On 20 Jul 2022, at 23:12, Das Goravani wrote:

> One thing that comes to mind, when entering products one after 
> another, the cursor is in the Product Number field on the form
> How do you advance to the next line after a scan? Without them having 
> to hit tab or return?
> I suppose if the product numbers were ALL a CERTAIN LENGTH you could 
> trap for Len() within evKeyPress event type.
> What do you all do to advance to the next line after a scan?
> I looked up bar code readers on Amazon and was surprised to find many 
> that are bluetooth and wireless and wired
> They’re cheap! I was surprised. Amazon’s Choice is only $34 US, 
> that’s low. It does most types of codes. It has good range.
> It’s rather amazing how most products can be found on Amazon. I 
> should just learn to look there before I ask a question !
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