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Thu Jul 21 01:44:08 UTC 2022

Hi Das,

Yes, that's correct - just use the bind variable notation @[varname] in the Sta:

Note: the variable should be in scope at the time you execute the query.  So, for example, you can't use local vars in the STA: if you execute the query in another method.  That's caught us in the past.

You can use bind vars for all data types. including dates.  However I did notice in our setup that @[#D] did not work for some reason which may be more to do with the database column than the bind var.

Typically we use bind vars for strings, normal square bracket notation for numbers, and we have a routine to format dates correctly for Postgres.


> On 21 Jul 2022, at 2:01 am, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> When doing statement preparation with the Sta: method
> And your code includes referencing fields or columns
> Can you use the @ for bind variables?
> What should you do with dates?
> Sta: WHERE invoice_date>=@[iDateFrom]
> Is that correct?
> Can you use bind variables in a Sta: method like that?
> Or should you just quote them
> Specifically curious about dates, as text and numbers I know.
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