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I think GMAIL has been discussed recently, you just have to use a different kind of password when you logon with the SMTP command.

This is from Das in May this year, from a thread from Bill Richards.

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Cloud has an Smtp server access… I use it from omnis

The SMTP server in that case is<> <>. I can give the exact server string if wanted.

And with GMAIL be specific.. they have been threatening to take away "Less secure apps" access for a long time. That is what may be happening. This is because they have a setting which allows less secure apps, which is Omnis, to send mail. Anybody could check this option and send away previously, but they threaten to close that down.

They do have another option, which acts in the same way, is setup in the same way, and that is called "App Specific Password". If you make your GMAIL/GOOGLE account totally secure as they say you should, if you follow all their prompts to secure your account, your account will then get access to Google App Specific Passwords. They allow you to generate one. If you use this password in place of your usual account password, then you can send mail.

I and some others on this list have done this with success.

iCloud is exactly the same way.. you have to use Apple App Specific Passwords which the Apple website allows you to generate if you have an account with them.

On 12 May 2022, at 12:04, Bill Richards <whizzybill at<mailto:whizzybill at> <mailto:whizzybill at><mailto:whizzybill at <mailto:whizzybill at>>> wrote:

Ho hum...

It turns out the client is not precisely using Outlook, they are using
Webmail, which therefore does not have an SMTP server. It turns out that
the reason the client needs the change is that gmail is apparently
discontinuing 3rd-party application access to send mail.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an (ideally free) email provider that
supports SMTP sending from Omnis (v.6)?



On 19 Jul 2022, at 07:29, IT <it at<mailto:it at>> wrote:


Anyone knows how to email from GMAIL using Oauth2 with Omnis Studio?


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