Notation and Printing

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Mon Jul 18 09:34:11 UTC 2022

I should have included () after $printrecord() and $printtotals() in that previous snippet.

Another bit that a report $construct can include is:

  Do $cinst.$openjobsetup() Returns #F
  If flag false
    Do $cinst.$close()
    Quit method 
  End If


> On Jul 17, 2022, at 11:25 PM, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at> wrote:
> Hi Das,
> I think the notational equivalent of Print Report is normally used in conjunction with Print Report, not in place of it.
> I usually use Set report name and Print Report (dataList) - and then in the report class $construct I've got:
>  For pDataList.$line from 1 to pDataList.$linecount
>     Do $cinst.$printrecord
>  End for
>  Do $cinst.$printtotals
>  Do $cinst.$endprint()
> Kelly

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