Subform Set Problem

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sun Jul 17 15:04:58 UTC 2022

Dear Listers, 

I am doing my first subform set with remote forms.

I have the following code. When I try to test it, it comes back with an odd error.

Here’s the code that opens one subform set form:

Do you see anything wrong?

Do iSubFormList.$define(iSSuniqueID,iSSclassname,iSSparams,iSStitle,iSSleft,iSStop,iSSwidth,iSSheight)
Calculate iSSuniqueID as 1
Calculate iSSclassname as 'rfSendQuickEmail'
Calculate iSSparams as "$cinst.$ref"
Calculate iSStitle as 'Send Email'
Calculate iSSleft as kSFScenter
Calculate iSStop as kSFScenter
Calculate iSSwidth as 760
Calculate iSSheight as 400
Do iSubFormList.$add()
Calculate iRow as row('Email','',kSFSflagResize,iOrderVar,iSubFormList)
Do $cinst.$clientcommand("subformset_add",iRow)

The error says:

Exception occurred when processing server response:

e.split is not a function. (In 'e.split(".")' 'e.split' is undefined)

I took out the param $cinst.$ref and that did not make any difference. 

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