Printing reports

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Jul 16 19:23:54 UTC 2022

It’s been quite awhile since I worked on reports and I seem to have forgotten something basic. 

I am working only with remote forms and now I’m working on reports to PDFs. 

When you invoke a report with $open,
And then the code runs in it’s $construct
When you are in that $construct, building up a list of data
And you are ready to print

I noticed there is a $cinst.$printrecord command
But there is no simple $cinst.$printreport

I opted instead to

"Print Report" command, which seemed old to me

How do you print your report, if you are in the construct or other code within the report, getting it ready

Well when you are ready, is the "Print Report" command the way to go or is there some other way

The wizard prints record by record with the $cinst.$printrecord command in the construct of the report

My first report here is based on a list, as I imagine most of my reports will be

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