Smartlists and deletes

Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Jul 15 19:56:36 UTC 2022

Dear List,

Re smart lists and deleting with the $dodeletes command:

In order for a smart list to think of certain rows as records, which if changed will be updated, and if removed will be considered deletes..

You have to load them BEFORE you declare it to be a smartlist.. is that correct?

After it is declared to be a smart list, any rows added to it are considered to be for INSERTing, is this correct?

When you declare a list that is defined by a SQL class which will do $dodeletes command to be a smartlist, any records already in it are considered to be records in the database (correct?), and thus if you remove those lines from the list the history list is now storing the state that that record will be deleted from the database (correct?) if you do a $dowork or $dodeletes commands. Is this correct?

Thank you very much,

Das Goravani

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